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ECM solutions

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) represents a specific area of interest within the IT sphere. The specificity of this strategy lies in professionally finding solutions for using information within a given organization, supporting decision-making processes, as well as enhancing the organization's operations on a daily basis.

EIM system enables the client to manage a large amount of data from various directories with instant regulation and content control, allowing for the quickest access to information in order to make optimal business decisions.

According to Gartner's report on the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market (one of the key aspects of the EIM system) from 2020, OpenText is the leading global manufacturer of ECM solutions with integrated DMS (Document Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) modules for managing electronic documentation and automating business processes in the global market.

Among the advantages that have propelled this system to the global top, its straightforward implementation, practically unlimited capacity to adapt to diverse client requirements (with simplified integration with other user information systems), and the greatly simplified use of the system for end-users are highlighted.

Furthermore, OpenText is in a strategic partnership with SAP, currently the largest ERP system manufacturer, which uses the OpenText ECM platform for managing scanned documents. At present, OpenText provides support for over 50,000,000 installations worldwide, with more than 10,000,000 users of this system.


The company EIM Ltd. is the main distributor of OpenText ECM solutions, within which it integrates the services of ARHIVIRAJ.COM for archiving, scanning, and microfilming.

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