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Solutions for digital business

Company EIM d.o.o. provides complete solutions for management, processing, archiving of paper and electronic documentation.

Become a "Paperless" company with our processing, qualified electronic document archiving and time-stamping services.

Our Services


Learn more about our Qualified Electronic Document Storage, Qualified Signing, Time Stamping services with accompanying EIM software solutions.

ARHIVO™ eArchive

The application enables compliant business operations with legally prescribed methods for storing electronic documentation.

This module represents an extension of ARHIVO™ DMS, Open Text, or another DMS solution.

ARHIVO™ eArchive includes: qualified signing, assigning qualified timestamps, signature validity verification, and automated lifecycle management of documents.




Module for creating automated business processes with simple integrations and process extensions. The module is integrated through standard APIs, enabling the project team to work easily in the future. It is possible to create an unlimited number of workflows. The BPM module allows integration of qualified signing processes.


An application that enables end users to access the digital platform, where they can request services, check and manage their contracts with the company, or where users can sign documents with a qualified signature directly on the portal using a web browser or mobile phone.


System for automated qualified signing with a qualified electronic certificate or qualified electronic seal, as well as automated assignment of a qualified timestamp.


Enabled remote signing of documents.


A complete system for receiving and exchanging electronic invoices with the SEF (Structured Electronic Invoice).


For this module, it's possible to create a business process for managing electronic invoices, namely a solution for a predefined process of reviewing, approving, sending, and receiving financial documentation.



On-premises or cloud application for centralized and secure organization and storage of digital documentation with enabled fast and easy document search, controlled access, simple document sharing, insight into document activities, and remote access.

Scanning and OCR solutions

The company EIM performs:


1. Implementation of OCR software solutions for digitization, OCR recognition and automatic entry of necessary data from invoices, delivery notes and other documents into your accounting, DMS or other information system;

2. Within its ARHIVIRAJ.COM scanning center, it provides digitization (scanning) services of paper documents and OCR automatic entry of data from documents into your accounting, DMS or other information system;

Open Text
ECM solutions

We are implementing OpenText ECM (Enterprise Content Management), recognized by Gartner as the world's leading solution for document management. It encompasses modules for DMS (Document Management System), Workflow, BPMS (Business Process Management System), OCR (Optical Character Recognition), AI (Artificial Intelligence), integration with SAP, integration with ARCHIVO, and other information systems.

Our Solutions

Become a "Paperless" company and automate processes with our solutions for: e-Invoices, qualified

archiving; automate the processes of procurement, contracting, and other processes with the use of signature boards, we perform OCR processing of documents, VDR...

Creation of software solutions according to the request, integration with other systems and smart devices.

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