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About Us

The company EIM d.o.o. with headquarters in Belgrade successfully deals with the development, implementation, integration and maintenance of Document Management systems, solutions for archiving and microfilming of documentation, as well as solutions based on smart cards.

We offer our users the most modern systems and equipment from the world's leading manufacturers KODAK, OPEN TEXT, THALES, AET, ZEBRA, GEMALTO, as well as accompanying software (StreamServe, KODAK Capture Software, NFive Software) with complete technical support and service. Our equipment is installed in the largest domestic companies and banks, where the devices work in a 24-hour mode.

Numerous users of our software solutions and hardware equipment in Serbia have convinced themselves that the company EIM d.o.o. together with its partner companies, it monitors the implemented software systems and installations, to provide upgrade modules for old solutions and equipment, as well as further improvements of already existing systems. Our team of experts with over 30 years of experience has made the company synonymous with quality, efficiency and good technical support.

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Our Story

The mission of EIM d.o.o. is to provide high quality and reliability of its products and services in the future, as it has so far, and to trace the path of development of information technologies on the domestic and regional market through effective communication and responses to the demands of its customers and business partners.


Vision of the company EIM d.o.o. is winning leading market positions in the areas of physical storage of paper archives, document scanning, document management, ECM - Enterprise Content Management, BPM - Business Process Management, Smart cards and security systems based on digital certificates.

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