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Web application for automated delivery, control, approval, and application of qualified signatures and timestamps on documents for company users and end-users.

The client portal allows access for end-users, where they can request services, check and control their contracts with the company, or where the user can sign documents with a qualified signature directly on the portal using a web browser or mobile phone.

The client portal supports centralized signing, local signing, assigning timestamps, multiple signatures per document, email communication, document exchange, document control, and support for cloud signatures.

For all documents within the Portal system, Open Text DMS is used as an integral component for archiving documentation in accordance with business rules and as a secure repository.

The foundation of the ARHIVO™ platform is the ARHIVO™ BPM module, which enables quick creation of highly complex processes with simple integrations and process extensions.

Within the ARHIVO™ BPM module, processes of qualified signing, integration, and work with SEF and eGovernment are already integrated.

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