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Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is a special field of interest in the field of information technologies, specialized in finding solutions for the optimal use of information within the organization, as well as in supporting decision-making processes in the organization's daily operations.


Enterprise Information Management software is a solution that allows you to manage a large amount of data from different directories and to regulate the data at any moment in order to get the right information, all with the aim of making quick and efficient business decisions.

Signotec sign boards

Signotec GmbH is a leading manufacturer of hardware and software solutions for signing electronic documents. Since its establishment in 2000, Signotec has developed into a global technology leader, trusted by numerous and well-known references from a wide range of sectors,

ARHIVO applications

ARHIVO™ software solutions for managing archives and archive depots, for managing scanning centers or for managing electronic documents were developed by the company PIS - Poslovni Informacioni Sistemi d.o.o. according to leading world and European standards and valid laws of the Republic of Serbia. Our clients can order ARHIVO™ software solutions separately and install them on their premises or use ARHIVO™ solutions for free with an unlimited number of software licenses within the ARHIVIRAJ.COM™ outsourcing center.

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