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Above the Clouds


Module for creating automated business processes with simple integrations and process extensions.

The module is integrated through standard APIs, allowing for easy work for the project team in the future. It's possible to create an unlimited number of workflows.

Within the BPM module, it's possible to integrate the qualified signing process.

Initiating processes

Processes can be initiated by scanning, through Capture Center, selecting a process, via email, or from an external system.

Unified data search

Processes can be interconnected, for instance, the approval process, purchase orders, contracts, and invoices, providing a consolidated view. For example, by entering a tax identification number (TIN), all processes, documents, and other related data are retrieved in one place.

Predefined document templates

Predefined document templates are documents in Word format with predefined appearance and formatting. Each template is linked to a form, and the data entered into the form is automatically inserted into the template, creating a completed document. The system administrator has the right to create new templates or modify existing ones. Basic knowledge of using MS Office is required for creating or modifying templates.

Additional option for generating documents from templates and automatically initiating document approval processes

Forms are objects in the system through which the user enters document data. After inputting the data, a finished document is automatically generated from the template and appropriately named, and the corresponding workflow is initiated. Forms can be automated so that a specific set of data is automatically populated based on existing documents or values in databases.

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