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Become a "Paperless" company and automate processes with our solutions for:

  • qualified electronic archiving of documentation on our online ARHIVO™ Cloud DMS solution located on EIM data servers in the Republic of Serbia

  • e-Invoices - ARHIVO™ eInvoices a complete system for receiving, sending, approving, storing, reporting, integrating and resolving exceptions for electronic invoices

  • Invoice Management – ​​a comprehensive automated system for managing both paper (for example foreign and other invoices that do not go through the SEF eInvoice portal) and electronic invoices with the application of OCR technologies for automatic processing and data entry into your ERP accounting system

  • automate the procurement, contracting, approval of various types of documents and decision-making processes with the application of signature boards with our workflow and BPM modules

  • we perform OCR processing of all types of documents and automatic data entry into the ERP accounting program, DMS, Core or other information system

  • By using our biometric signature boards, you can completely eliminate paper documents such as delivery notes, orders, etc.

  • ARHIVO™ qSign Portal - If you are a medium or large company that has a lot of contractual and similar documents, our Qualified Signing Portal can provide you with a simple and secure exchange of documents with clients and the qualified signing of one or more documents at once.

  • VDR - Virtual Data Room - Portal for setting up, managing and reviewing documents with applied security policies, by several different clients (e.g. a convenient solution when buying and selling companies or credit placements)

  • Mobile applications - Access documents, participate in business processes, approve and sign qualified via mobile devices

  • Creation of software solutions according to the request, integration with other systems and smart devices

All solutions can be implemented by you, on your servers or by us on EIM Cloud data servers located in the Republic of Serbia.

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